StoneEagle Announces Strategic Alliance with Evolve Performance Group

Dallas, Texas – September 12, 2013 :

StoneEagle is pleased to announce an alliance with Evolve Performance Group (Evolve) that assists automotive dealers in easily identifying and selecting better employees.

According to Jeff Tobaben, President of Evolve,

“The goal of the AutoSelect™ approach is to offer Dealers an easy way to address an area of clear frustration across the industry – the ability to attract, identify, and select more talented employees.”

Candidates are automatically sorted by the tool’s Red, Yellow, and Green Indicators, which makes identifying the right people to hire incredibly easy. ‘Green’ candidates identified by the AutoSelect™ tool are those who naturally fit the specific role they’re applying for and have customer service in their DNA.  These candidates possess a natural talent for delivering profitable transactions for the dealership by making the customers feel special, understood, and valued. The tools included in the package allow store-level managers to invest their time and money in employees who will stick around, deliver results, and keep clients coming back for ongoing service and future purchases.

“StoneEagle is committed to helping automotive retailers achieve ongoing success. Our joint initiative with Evolve Performance Group will help drive employee performance efficiencies and facilitate increased customer satisfaction across all dealership departments,”

says Thomas Elliott, Executive Vice President of, Inc

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About Evolve Performance Group

Exhibit and the commitment they feel to helping your company win in the marketplace. The value and scientific validity of this approach Evolve Performance Group is a data-driven, performance-oriented, consulting company. By aligning employee interactions to engage customers, Evolve helps clients drive real profit increases. How? They offer tools to measure, understand, and enhance the discretionary effort your employees has been proven over the past twenty years, and was founded on research conducted with millions of customers and employees in over thirty industries. For more information, visit