StoneEagle & ADP F&I Results Announce the Launch of a Jointly Branded Dealer Solution

Dallas, Texas – August 14, 2014 :

StoneEagle is pleased to announce the launch of a joint initiative with ADP F&I Results that takes F&I video training and F&I performance reporting and accountability to the next level.

The StoneEagle SEcureMetrics F&I reporting application is used by 3,500 automotive retailers and provides fully DMS integrated F&I performance measurement to a dealer or dealer group. SEcureMetrics is equipped with full drill down functionality to view all details related to a specific F&I deal.

F&I Results is an integrated video training solution that helps F&I departments increase product sales, improve product penetration and minimize compliance risk.

Pat Barrows, who is the Dealer Development Manager for Key Royal Companies implemented F&I Results along with SEcureMetrics at the Orr Auto Group had the following to say. “Our Training Company, Key Royal, leverages the automated integration of ADP F&I Results to capture every customer transaction giving us real “Game Film” of what is “Truly” going on during every transaction. There is nothing like sitting in front of a Finance Team and watching a video and being able to pause the video and say, “Remember the _______ technique we talked about in training, well, you can certainly see how it would have come in handy with this customer”. You can see in their face at that instant that they get it. Using this solution, we have realized a solid, tangible and significant improvement in both our PVR and Product Penetrations. In addition, with improved product penetrations and less reserve dollars, our net to gross has increased to 78%. The combination of ADP F&I Results video training along with SEcureMetrics performance reporting has increased accountability, profitability, and most importantly in this day and age, compliance across all of our F&I Departments in the Orr Auto Group.”

Functionality is now available within SEcureMetrics that links the specific F&I deal directly to the ADP F&I Results video. This enables the dealer to view the entire F&I transaction to increase accountability, profitability and compliance.

“StoneEagle is committed to helping automotive retailers achieve ongoing success. Our joint initiative with ADP F&I Results will help drive performance efficiencies and facilitate increased product sales within the F&I department,” said Thomas Elliott, executive vice president of, Inc.

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