StoneEagle Brand Assets

StoneEagle®, the StoneEagle logo, SEcureAdmin® logo,  SEcureMenu® logo, and SEcureMetrics®  logo are all trademarks of StoneEagle, Inc.


StoneEagle Logo

StoneEagle Symbol No Wordmark


Reversed StoneEagle Logo

Reversed StoneEagle Symbol No Wordmark


Solutions Icons

SEcureAdmin Icon

SEcureMenu Icon

SEcureMetrics Icon

SEcureAdmin Icon with Text

SEcureMenu Icon with Text

SEcureMetrics Icon with Text

SEcureAdmin Icon Black

SEcureMenu Icon Black

SEcureMetrics Black

SEcureAdmin Icon Black with Text

SEcureMenu Icon Black with Text

SEcureMetrics Black with Text

Reversed SEcureAdmin Icon

Reversed SEcureMenu Icon

Reversed SEcureMetrics Icon

Reversed SEcureAdmin Icon with Text

Reversed SEcureMenu Icon with Text

Reversed SEcureMetrics Icon with Text

Color Palette

StoneEagle Blue


RGB: 13,125,202

CMYK: 94,38,0,21

PMS: 660C

Dark Blue


RGB: 3, 30, 48

CMYK: 94, 38, 0, 81

PMS: 296C

Slate for Text


RGB: 71, 82, 93

CMYK: 24, 12, 0, 64

PMS: 7540C

Light Gray


RGB: 244, 244, 244

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 4

Gold (Primary Action Button)


RGB: 249, 196, 56

CMYK: 0, 21, 78, 2



Source Serif Pro: Should be used when text is longer than 700 words


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