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About StoneEagle

We’ve been driving dealerships success since 1989

We provide F&I solutions to dealerships, F&I product administrators, general agencies, and OEM’s that maximize your user's experience, manage every aspect of your F&I product administration, track and measure F&I production and performance, and simplify the presentation and sale of F&I products.

Our high-tech focus and rapid data integration network empower our customer base to quickly visualize critical performance and production metrics, ensure compliance efforts, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and drive profitability. And we are always improving our solutions, to design innovative features that enable our customers to thrive as the market changes.

Our integrity and experience combined with our unbeatable and exceptional support set us apart from the competition.


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StoneEagle has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to providing excellent service to JM&A Group and our dealer partners

StoneEagle is committed to staying at the forefront of technology and they provide outstanding customer service

- Luis Garcia, Avid Insurance Services, Inc.

We value our long-standing partnership with StoneEagle and appreciate their ongoing commitment to delivering superior customer service

Our Leadership


Bobby Allen

Founder and CEO

Brent Allen


Thomas Elliott


Jessie Stout


Janelle Pendelton

VP Credit Systems

Jason Gillette

VP of Sales and Marketing

Greg Prior

VP of Operations

Scott Smyer

VP Warranty Systems

Chris Tynes


John Day

Director of Business Development

Buddy Rosenberg

Director of Client Services and Business Development


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